Thursday, February 19, 2009

More About The Open Source Community

It was a great last week for me, especially during my seminar class of my master's degree. The seminar group hosting the event had invited a lot of speakers who are experts and active in the open source community. For those who wish to know the names of the speakers and thier specialties, I will list them here.

Mr. Rogie Masangkay - An introduction into the open source mission and Philo.
Mr. Holden Hao - Who talked about the open source programs impact into the economy.
Ms. Evamay Dela Rosa - delivered a talk about Business Intellegence (a term that as of yet I do not fully understand). She introduced the Pentaho Business Intelligence.
Mr. Erik Lozarita - The man behind watchtower(GIS/SMS solution to Asset Management/Monitoring System). A java based tracking system, that is developed in Davao.
Mr. Andrew Abogado - Desktop Publishing
Sweet and Leslie - CPA's who are using and deploying open ERP.

It was an eye opener for some of my classmates who now knew that there is an alernative to the more expensive commercial softwares.
If you wish to know more, please visit us here.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 Upgrade from ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.10 is almost available, im guessing torrent lines should be full once the downloading starts....

I wonder when will it open? I have already opened the ubuntu site 5 times this day...

October 21...

Yey, ubuntu is now ok for download. Downloading at 120 kbps per second. It took almost an hour and a half using bitTorrent. I downloaded the alternate installer.

I burned the cd then popped it into my asus a8le, by the way im using ubuntu 8.04 with my laptop, so im not expecting a lot of trouble with my upgrade. a dialog came up asking me to either install or upgrade,i choose upgrade. Then the dialog said it now started copying the files. After about 15 minutes, another dialog came up. exim lib pamg. i just clicked forward, omg, the dialog seems to hang. it took something like 1 minute before it came back from being dimmed. After being dimmed which caused some panic inside me, it said 25 minutes remaining before being finished.
6 minutes. remaining
It is now asking if i want to replace my dhclient.conf, i want to. so i choose yes
3 minutes.
It is now asking me if i want to replace my samba.conf. I dont want to, i choose no.
Finally, its now asking if i want to delete the old packages, ill choose yes of course, but before you do, please make sure that you have a backup of your file. You never know what will happen.
The dialog now says cleaning up.
Now its asking if i want to restart on not. of course i will restart..
here goes..Its now restarting, i hope everything goes well for this upgrade.
I think this is trouble, its 3 minutes now and the computer is still blank although the power led is on. ah ok, now i see it. its not yet fully off, i press the off button and it started shutting down all the services.
I am now booting into the new system.
Yeps, it works and yes nothing's broken, even my theme is preserved. yipee.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Almost Forgotten DSS...Whewww

Finally, ive found out what is missing in my requirements. These files can also be seen in the yahoogroups of itPro2008-2009. In the folder Rosauro Guzon

Pots.xls can be seen here
Scenario can be downloaded here
memo can be seen here

Monday, September 1, 2008

Metro Shuttle Bombed Again

Just receivd the news this hour... Another Metro Shuttle Bus plying the Davao-Malita Route has been bombed at the Digos City Terminal. Reports reaching have said that there have been 4 confirmed dead

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


hey you guys ive created a site for removing those stuborn viruses that cant be removed antiviruses please feel free to browse Its not yet finished though, the template is not yet changed and everything is still in defaault.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am I an IT Professional?

Of course I am, Why?

First I took up a Degree in Computer Science, even though not all in my family is enthusiastic about it.

Second, I had worked in a few IT related companies, like the digoswifi internet service provider as a Software Administrator, in the Nakayama Tecnology Corporation as Graphics Designer and now in the University of Mindanao as a Network Administrator and Computer Lab In Charge.

Third, I do a little programming, in fact i just recently found the love for open source applications. In fact, im planning to migrate our internet laboratory to linux, so I could bring the spirit of the open source movement closer to the students.

Fourth, I took up a masters degree in Information Technology. In fact, the very reason that i left the companies above is because i need a work where I could also go to school and finished a graduate study and I found out that the best way is to work in an academic institution.

Fifth, I just the love the IT profession, hands down.

So, I guess the reasons above is more than enough to justify me being called an IT Professional...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Had to absent from work for this one.... :(

Module 7:
Pre Assessment --- 125/145 ---> 51 %
Time: 4:00 Pm
Post Assessment --- 74/145 ---> 86 %
Time: 2:00 Pm katatapos ko lng

Module 6.
Post Assessment --- 203/230 ---> 88%
Time: 11:00 Am Date: July 29, 2008
Pre. Assessment --- 203/230 ---> 80%
Time: 6:00 Am Date: July 29, 2008

Module 5:
Pre Assessment --- 117/127 ---> 92%
Time: 8:00 Pm Date: July 28, 2008
Medyo hiyang ako d2. hehehe


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